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Monologues and Actor Books


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Must Read List for Actors

Two good books to read before or after you start acting:
  • The Street Kids Guide to Having It All, by John Assaraf
  • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, by Susan Jeffers
Acting books
  • How Not to Audition: Avoiding the Common Mistakes Most Actors Make, by Ellie Kanner & Martin Flynn
  • Audition: Everything An Actor Needs to Know to Get The Part, by Michael Shurtleff
  • How To Get The Part, Without Falling Apart, by Margie Haber
  • Acting the First Six Lessons, by Boleslavsky
  • No Acting Please – “Beyond the Method”, by Eric Morris & Joan Hotchkis
  • Irreverent Acting, by Eric Morris
  • A Challenge For The Actor, by Uta Hagen
  • How to Audition, by Gordon Hunt
  • The Casting Directors and the Casting Process, by Keith Wolfe
  • Breaking into Commercials, by Terry Berland
  • The Art of Acting, by Stella Adler
  • A Dream of Passion, by Lee Strasberg
  • The Great Acting Teachers and Their Methods, by Richard Brestoff
  • The Open Door, by Peter Brook
  • The Empty Space, by Peter Brook
  • Threads of Time, by Peter Brook
  • Respect For Acting, by Uta Hagen (and anything else by her)
  • The Actor’s Eye, by Morris Carnovsky / Peter Sander
  • My Life In Art, by Stanislavsky
  • Strasberg Method, by Laurie Hull
  • The Way of the Actor, by Brian Bates
  • Method Actors, by Steve Vineberg
Also the DVDs
  • Acting for Film, by Michael Caine
  • Looking for Richard, by Al Pacino